100G of Kakadu Plum Loose Powder


The 100 grams of loose powder is $100

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Our loose powder is ideal for making into smoothies, sprinkling on your cereal or adding to a glass of water to create a refreshing drink. It is bagged in a resealable foil pouch, to maintain optimal freshness. We suggest half a teaspoon a day consumption. Thus a 100gm bag of our Premium Kakadu Plum Powder will last approximately 200 days. Our powder is extremely pure – it is made entirely from the flesh of the fruit. We remove the flesh from the nut and dehydrate it into a loose powder. Kakadu Premium Plum Powder does not have an overwhelming taste – so it is entirely suitable to add to recipes without it dominating the taste of the cooked item. We know that some of our clients have made it into cookies and bread etc. Some of our clients have also told us that they have added the loose powder to their moisturiser to make a great natural product for their skin.


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